Hi there. I'm a UX designer currently working as a team lead in Globoforce, Dublin. We're an agile-based software company with a large international customer base. My day-to-day work includes design, research, testing and workshops. I also create wireframes, prototypes and all the other usual design deliverables. At the moment, I'm interested in exploring how research and analysis can drive great design and finding ways of building UX teams that create world-class solutions.


  • UX Design using the Adobe suite, Axure, Keynote etc…
  • Design management – Performance reviews, mentoring & leadership
  • Qualitative research with users - both local and remote
  • User testing. Coordinating, creating and implementing tests
  • Working within mutli-discipline agile teams across the world
  • Workshops & Presentations – for stakeholders, customers, team members.
  • Team building – creative challenges & community practice
  • Employee Interviewing
  • Product management 


Having spent most of my teen years hand-rendering type and making my own album covers, it still mystifies me why I chose sculpture as my major in college. Despite this, after 4 years of study, I graduated with a degree that’s proved exceptionally useless ever since.

After college, I trained in furniture making and then spent a number of years designing and making one-off pieces to commission. Eventually, thanks to my wife, I finally found graphic design. Together we set up Cooke Design where we worked together for 15 very happy years. Eventually Irene decided to focus on illustration while I moved into interaction design which led me to UX—where I concentrate most of my energies these days.

It’s a bit of a roundabout journey, but in my experience, it doesn't matter what medium you work in, it all comes down to one thing: Solving problems! 

Please feel free to get in touch via email or on LinkedIn