Case study – AJI Website

As part of Fluid Ink I developed the brand and website for the Association of Judges Ireland. This was a really enjoyable project. The client was very enthusiastic and listened to all our advice. I was very pleased with the outcome, particularly the logo which is remains one of my favourite designs.

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My responsibilities: Design, UX, branding, Product Management.

Doomed project #2 — Choral App

Not so much an aborted project, more one that never got off the ground. I still really like these screens though so I thought I'd throw them up here.

The plan was to convert a book on Choral music into an interactive iPad app. This was back in the days when such things seemed like a good idea. These screens are from a very early attempt at structuring all the content in an intuitive way that would encourage the reader to explore.

Case Study – Lowdown MTB App

When we set up Fluid Ink, our vision was to have a combination of client work and our own projects. Lowdown MTB was our first attempt at developing something in-house. The project was very enjoyable but not particularly successful. I think it's here that I learned the importance of formative research!

Still, we had a blast building the app. Myself and my development partner Barry worked with photographer Victor Lucas to build an interactive guide book for mountain bikers. The app featured a selection of Victor's favourite trails with stunning imagery and detailed breakdowns of each trail.

Overall I'm extremely proud of what we achieved. Three guys working for 3 months can get a lot done. Personally I am proudest of the grungey design style which did not come naturally to me. I don't know how many buttons I designed in the end!

Case study — Camping Ireland app

Camping Ireland approached Fluid Ink to help them develop a mobile app that would enable travellers to find and review campsites across Ireland.

A simple app with a nice clean interface. Camping Ireland had never worked on a project like this so we spent a lot of time talking them through each stage — explaining what was planned and what the deliverables would be. This was my first experience of multi-location meetings. Thank God for Joinme! Throughout the project the client remained enthusiastic and appreciative, we enjoyed every minute of working with them.

Doomed project 1 – Paper Assist rebrand

Rather a strange project this. A few years ago, as part of Cooke Design I did a Paper Assist re-brand which was very well received. So when the client came back to us for a further refresh I was thrilled. The project started well and seemed to be proceeding as expected. We were delighted with the work and the client seemed equally as keen. But suddenly, just before completion, the client pulled the plug and went with a different agency. Never really understood why.

Months later I showed the work to a friend who said the icon looked like a vagina. Perhaps that's why? I've never had the courage to ask!