Useless App idea #1 – Spooky torch

UPDATE: Since posting, this app has begun development! Guess I'll have to change the title at some stage.

NOTE: Every now and then I set myself the task of inventing a useless app—something that defeats the purpose of it's own intention. It's always fun to do and occasionally leads to something interesting. 

A torch app for your phones that gets gradually scarier the longer you use it. Combine flickering, vibration and scary noises to make a terrifying experience. 

The usage could be timed to see who can bare it the longest. Start the app with some slight flickering, then build on it with sounds and longer outages. People should be encouraged to play it in the dark. 

Suggested sounds:

  • Whispering
  • Ghostly wails
  • Babies crying
  • Siren from Silent Hill
  • Radio feedback
  • People talking
  • Shouts "Look out!" etc…